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Student Voice

City Academy Student Voice Team (CSVT)

Each Learning Family has an Learning Family (LF) Leader who is responsible for helping with the day to day running of the sessions and supports the Learning Facilitator. They are also the team who staff communicate with if information needs to be shared or gathered or LF challenges completed. In total there are 38 LF Leaders.

In all four houses there are representatives from each year group who are LF Captains. LF Captains are there to support the LF Leaders in Learning Family time, but they also ensure that when specific topics are discussed, all student voices and opinions from all year groups are heard.

This is then fedback to City Academy’s Pastoral Lead, Mr Pearce and passed on at Student Council meetings. In total there are 37 LF Captains from a range of Years and families.

There is a Media Team in all four houses. The members range from Year 7 to Year 11 and are responsible for any artwork, house notice boards, academy news letters, technical help in assemblies and film production. This is a new role that has been introduced to the CSVT and is growing and developing all the time. Currently there are 32 members of the media team.

Each house has a Year 11 President and Year 11 Vice President. Their role is support the other members of the CSVT within their house, making sure they are available to help when required. The Presidents and Vice Presidents act as mentors to the students in their house, and respond to this in the appropriate way utilising the correct support from staff.  A key part of their role is to help organise, plan and fund raise for the year 11 Prom.  The Year 11 Presidents and Vice Presidents currently meet with the pastoral team regularly.

Student VoiceStudent VoiceStudent VoiceStudent Voice

Boys President: Raphael Bojang

Boys Deputy: Muhammed Njie

Girls President: Dana Moffett

Girls Deputy: Ahlan Muhamed