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Year 6 Transition

Dear Year 6 Parent/Carer

Welcome to City Academy Bristol

Normally at this time we would be looking forward to meeting your child as we visit their Primary school. We would be sharing dates of events for both you and them to get to know us and the academy building and site.

Unfortunately, during these unusual times none of the above is possible at present in the same way as usual. We are working to ensure we are able to prepare your child in the best ways possible, and to recreate much of the experience to support a smooth transition.

When we are able to re-open our building we will arrange for an opportunity for both you and your child to come and visit as well as take part in induction events, whether this is in the summer term, during August or into September, or at such an appropriate timescale is considered safe and purposeful.

End of Term Letter to All Parents – July 2020

Transition Admission Information Pack

Pastoral Letter to Year 6 Students – 16th June 2020

Meet the Staff

Letter to Year 6 Parents – Child starting at City Academy in September


Welcome letter

Some of the people you will meet


Taster Sessions


Art Design




Product Design


Whats Your Story





History Tasks

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