Students explore space with We The Curious scientists

Students explore space with We The Curious scientists Photo credit: ‘Shamphat pro –

Space exploration was the topic when staff from We The Curious spoke to Year 9 and 10 students at City Academy in Bristol. This talk was part of a series of sessions where We The Curious staff and space scientists visited to share their expertise and insight with students.

This initial talk was student-led, meaning pupils could ask any questions they wanted about space and space travel. We The Curious staff were keen to find out students’ opinions on the ethics of space exploration and travel.

In the second talk, students met space scientists for a Q&A session where they explored a wide range of topics that included:

  • Should we colonise Mars?
  • Women’s contributions to space exploration
  • What happens if an astronaut is on her period in space?
  • Do aliens exist?

In the final session, students made a tiktok-style video, discussing what they had learned about space exploration.

Dr Louise Farmer, Head of Science at City Academy, said: “It was a great opportunity for our students who not only got to ask their questions, but also felt their opinions were heard and valued by accomplished scientists.

“Our students really demonstrated their scientific thinking and debating skills. I would like to thank We The Curious and the space scientists for giving us this amazing opportunity.”